Sparta Praha
Date Home Away Results
14.09.2018 Sparta Praha Mountfield HK 4:0
16.09.2018 HC Vítkovice Ridera Sparta Praha 3:2
21.09.2018 Škoda Plzeň Sparta Praha 2:3
23.09.2018 Sparta Praha HC Dynamo Pardubice 4:1
25.09.2018 Sparta Praha Mountfield HK 1:2
28.09.2018 BK Mladá Boleslav Sparta Praha 3:1
30.09.2018 Sparta Praha Piráti Chomutov 4:1
05.10.2018 HC Olomouc Sparta Praha 2:4
07.10.2018 Sparta Praha PSG Zlin 1:5
09.10.2018 Sparta Praha HC Energie Karlovy Vary 5:2
12.10.2018 HC Ocelari Trinec Sparta Praha 4:5
20.10.2018 Verva Litvínov Sparta Praha 0:2
21.10.2018 Sparta Praha Kometa Brno 4:2
23.10.2018 Sparta Praha Verva Litvínov 1:2
27.10.2018 Bílí Tygři Liberec Sparta Praha 4:5
28.10.2018 Mountfield HK Sparta Praha 2:3
31.10.2018 Sparta Praha HC Vítkovice Ridera 1:4
04.11.2018 HC Dynamo Pardubice Sparta Praha 4:5
14.11.2018 Sparta Praha BK Mladá Boleslav 3:5
16.11.2018 Piráti Chomutov Sparta Praha 5:0
18.11.2018 Sparta Praha HC Olomouc 4:6
23.11.2018 PSG Zlin Sparta Praha 0:4
25.11.2018 Sparta Praha HC Ocelari Trinec 1:3
01.12.2018 HC Energie Karlovy Vary Sparta Praha 1:3
06.12.2018 Kometa Brno Sparta Praha 3:4
09.12.2018 Bílí Tygři Liberec Sparta Praha 4:1
21.12.2018 HC Vítkovice Ridera Sparta Praha 4:2
26.12.2018 Škoda Plzeň Sparta Praha 5:2
28.12.2018 Sparta Praha HC Dynamo Pardubice 1:3
30.12.2018 Sparta Praha BK Mladá Boleslav 1:0
02.01.2019 Sparta Praha Piráti Chomutov 3:4
06.01.2019 HC Olomouc Sparta Praha 0:3
11.01.2019 Sparta Praha PSG Zlin 3:2
13.01.2019 HC Ocelari Trinec Sparta Praha 2:1
18.01.2019 HC Energie Karlovy Vary Sparta Praha 1:4
20.01.2019 Verva Litvínov Sparta Praha -:-
22.01.2019 Sparta Praha Kometa Brno -:-
27.01.2019 Sparta Praha Bílí Tygři Liberec -:-
29.01.2019 Mountfield HK Sparta Praha -:-
01.02.2019 Sparta Praha HC Vítkovice Ridera -:-
03.02.2019 Sparta Praha Škoda Plzeň -:-
11.02.2019 Sparta Praha Škoda Plzeň -:-
13.02.2019 HC Dynamo Pardubice Sparta Praha -:-
15.02.2019 BK Mladá Boleslav Sparta Praha -:-
17.02.2019 Piráti Chomutov Sparta Praha -:-
19.02.2019 Sparta Praha HC Olomouc -:-
22.02.2019 PSG Zlin Sparta Praha -:-
27.02.2019 Sparta Praha HC Ocelari Trinec -:-
01.03.2019 Sparta Praha HC Energie Karlovy Vary -:-
03.03.2019 Sparta Praha Verva Litvínov -:-
05.03.2019 Kometa Brno Sparta Praha -:-
08.03.2019 Sparta Praha Bílí Tygři Liberec -:-

Name of home arena: O2 Arena Praha

Built: 2004

Address: Českomoravská 2345/17, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic

Arena attendance capacity: 17 037

Avg. attendance 2016-17 (regular season): 8032

The O2 arena is one of the leading facilities in Europe with a seating capacity up to 18,000. Every year, the O2 Arena hosts dozens of attractive sporting and cultural events. It was opened in 2004 for the ice-hockey championship and since then has welcomed over 600,000 people every year. The O2 arena is located in north-eastern Prague, approximately 10 km from the city centre. It occupies an advantageous position between the interior road ring, which provides comfortable transportation from other sections of the city, and the external ring road, which allows a quick connection to the outgoing motorway and the international highway network.

The O2 Arena offers more than forty spatial, functional or technical variations of the stage surface and the auditorium. At a large rock concert, the O2 arena can host up to 18,000 spectators. The latest technology available at the O2 Arena include, e.g., a giant video cube, internal TV circuit, display facades, its own TV studio, sliding stands, excellent acoustics, light park and advanced telecommunication equipment. In addition to the standard auditorium, the O2 arena offers non public floors for skybox and club seat tenants. It also features business areas with necessary facilities, a number of lounges, restaurants and bars along with seminar facilities, press conference rooms and congress halls.

Basic info



Club adress
HC Sparta Praha a.s.
Za Elektrárnou 419
170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic


National titles
(8) – 1953, 1954, 1990, 1993, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2007

European championships or greatest European accomplishments
Euro League 2nd place (1) – 2000; Euro Champions Cup 2nd place (1) – 2008; Champions League 2nd place (1) – 2017; European Cup 4th place (1) – 1991; Euro League 4th place (1) – 1997; Spengler Cup winner (2) – 1962, 1963

Last Seasons

2017-18: 10th regular season, play-in round
2016-17: 3rd regular season, quarter-finals, CHL final
2015-16: 2nd regular season, league finals, CHL round of 16
2014-15: 4th regular season, semi-finals, CHL round of 16
2013-14: 1st regular season, semi-finals

About club

HC Sparta Praha is one of the most successful and famous clubs in Czechoslovakian and later Czech ice hockey history. There are no names in Czech sports better recognized internationally than "Sparta" and few clubs have as much history.

Sparta’s first period of great success was in the years following World War II, as it won two national titles in a row 1952/54 and 1953/54 under the name Spartak Sokolovo. The next highly successful period came much more recently when Sparta won the Czechoslovakian league in 1989/90 and in 1992/93. After a few years of bad luck and less success, Sparta returned to the top of the Czech Extraliga in 1999/00 when they were crowned league champions. That victory was the first of four championships they would win over seven seasons, adding Extraliga titles in 2002, 2006 and 2007.

In addition to those domestic achievements, Sparta was also highly competitive in European club hockey. In 1997, the team reached the European Hockey League semi-finals, and then three years later reached the final – the first time in 11 years that a Czech team had gone so far in Europe – and fell in a tight game to Russia's Metallurg Magnitogorsk. In 2008, Sparta reached the final of the European Champions Cup, once again falling to Magnitogorsk, and then in 2017 reached the final of the Champions Hockey League, where they took powerful Frölunda Gothenburg to overtime before falling in a thrilling contest.